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Empowering elite baseball players to take control of their careers by revolutionizing the custom player development tools, services, and information available.

pro CLients

Our professional clients receive the most advanced analytical, biometric, and subjective tools on the market in 4APP Pro.

Rising Baseball Players

We take the most popular tools from 4APP Pro and refine them for all athletes to use. 4APP was designed for elite baseball players of all levels.



4APP Sports was built for the Athlete of the Future. One that takes ownership of their data, drives their own development and directs their career.

Our goal is to forever evolve the way athletes look at development and performance.

We do this in our app, 4APP Sports, which has 2 offerings: 4APP and 4APP Pro.

Physiological consulting

The potential of your performance does not start when you step onto the field; or even when you step into the weight room. It begins much before then. Whether it be your sleep patterns, diet, lifestyle choices, etc. the level and consistency of your performance is either limited or bolstered long before you reach the point of competition. This is where we come in.

Diet / Nutrition
Biometric tracking

The App

Cutting-edge tools designed exclusively for baseball players who strive for excellence.

This Flagship Public Version Features:

4APP's Command Tracker

4APP's Command Score

Outing and Pitch Type specific accuracy charts

Daily Health Tracking form for tracking your well-being

Apple Health Kit integration

Health charts for tracking your Sleep and Activity

General pitching diary for tracking your notes

Personal notifications and tips

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Data to make better decisions

The App

Cutting-edge tools designed exclusively for baseball players who strive for excellence.

4APP: Unleash Your Potential

Tailored for elite baseball players at all levels.
4APP is your ultimate companion on the path to reaching new heights in your baseball career.

Features Include:

Throwing & Body Readiness Scores

Command Tracker & Command Report

4APP's Daily Health Tracker & Health Charts

Apple Watch Health Kit Integration

Personal Notifications & Tips

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4APP Pro: Redefining The Professional Athlete Experience

Players should not have to leave their career potential up to playing for a “have” or “have not” franchise.
Designed specifically for MLB & MiLB players– this is The Player’s Front Office.
4APP Pro holds the most advanced analytical, biometric, and subjective performance-enhancing tools on the market.

Features Include:

Pre-Game Scouting Reports & Heatmaps

Throwing & Body Readiness Scores

Umpire Scouting

Post-Game Analyses & Breakdowns

Command Tracker & Command Report

Biometric Data Analysis


MLB/MILB Consulting

4APP SPORTS is the first, independent Front Office located in the palm of your hand!

Data ownership and utility remains a complicated subject; not only in Professional Baseball, but throughout Professional Sports. Where many major organizations aim to use collected data to enhance and improve their athletes careers and performance, the threat of having that same information used against the athlete ultimately outshines any positive goals. There is no trust currently in “team-owned” data. With this, we decided to invest in empowering the athlete directly, not the organization that employs them.

Game Planning

Pre-game heatmaps

Arsenal breakdowns

Post-game analysis and actionable insights (Through 4APP SPORTS  iOS APP)

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